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Aug 20, 2018

Ep. 53 Something Borrowed, Everything Blue


This week Paige, Mando, and Andrea dive into a "cult-like-group" that originated in Southern California. Specifically the west part of Southern California. SPECIFICALLY the South Central part of the west part of Southern California. Strap in and stay strapped, this one gets intense! 

Aug 13, 2018

Ep. 52 Lunar Knowledge and the Restaurant Business


This week we cover a Cult whose leader visited the inside of the sun to learn lessons about Entrepreneurialismness. 

Aug 6, 2018

Cult News: Choke-o Asahara


It's a slightly different episode this week where we review recent Cult News, explain why we're so tired, and reveal that Armando is the real DJ Khaled.

Jul 30, 2018

Ep. 51 Totally Stabbed a Guy


Today we tackle an Afro-Muslim UFO Cult Commune complete with Pyramids, fun hats, and pretty good old school rap music.

Jul 23, 2018

Ep. 50 Put the Money in the Bag


This week Armando explores the ARA/Midwest Bank Robbers and their ties to the Alt-Right and Elohim City.

Jul 16, 2018

Ep. 49 A Quiver Full of Rotisserie Chickens


Get ready to out-breed the unbelievers on this episode as we examine what happens when a religious movement gets fruitful and multiplies. 

Jul 9, 2018

Ep. 48 The Happiest Man and the Best Dancer


This week Armando takes us through the Cargo Cults of Vanuatu.

Jul 2, 2018

Ep. 47 A Land Down Under


Paige dives into the dark underbelly of a Christian Commune in New Zealand!

Jun 25, 2018

Ep. 46 My Father Was a Fish


This week the gang dives deep into American cult The Brethren aka Brothers and Sisters aka the Jim Roberts Group aka the Garbage Eaters aka a bunch of shit. Shouts out to Weezy F Baby.

Jun 25, 2018

Bonus Episode: Historical Hotties


We answer more questions from the Facebook group, discuss cheese, and come up with the best Instagram Account idea ever. @historicalhottie

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