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Bonus Episode: Live Show Clip & Panic Fest

February 12, 2019

Well, we done messed up last night with our technology. So, as a token of our sorry-ness, we're dropping a bonus episode! This one is packed full of stories from the road, a recap of Panic Fest, and a clip from our live show! Wow! It sounds like a load of fun and we'd love to have you come to the next one! We'll be back next week for part two of our series on Father Divine!

Ep. 78 Father Divine Pt 1: New Thot Movement

February 11, 2019

Did you know if you add salt to Flavor-Aid you make Gatorade? Well, if you assemble the ingredients for The People's Temple a bit differently you get Father Divine's cult. In part one of our deep dive into the man who changed the history of cults forever, Paige takes Mando and Andrea through the Civil War, Civil Rights, and several goofs along the way. So, join us and learn about the man who even Jim Jones tried to emulate. And remember: Don't Drink the Gatorade! (Welp, there goes that sponsorship.)

Bonus Episode: Dogs With People’s Faces

February 8, 2019

Wake up! It's 10:40 am! According to Sleepy Mando, that's early! Join us for the bonus episode we recorded before Incels and our trip to Kansas City for Panic Fest. In this bonus episode we: write a new hit song/nightmare, open cult mail, talk about incels, and do some pretty heavy dunkin' on magicians. Take that, Mind Freak. Anyways, this is just a treat for you on your Friday commute. We love you! It's almost the weekend, baby!

Ep. 77 Incels Pt 2: Elliot Rodger vs Chairs

February 4, 2019

Whoa, boy, we're back for more Red Pill Theory and how it turns into the ugly awful underbelly of the internet that is "Black Pill Theory". One of the best examples of how this horrible line of thinking can turn already terrible people into the absolute worst humans is the patron saint of Incel-dom: Elliot Rodger. So, join Andrea as she takes Paige and Mando through the life and crimes of one of the lamest anime super villains to ever log onto YouTube.

Ep. 76 Incels Pt 1: God Is Such a Chad

January 28, 2019

We're back from Kansas City just in time to have Andrea take over her own series! They grow up so fast. Join us this week as our newest official host takes Paige and Mando through the history and beliefs of the Incels and all the groups in the Manosphere!

Ep. 75 The Community: Rooty Tooty Fresh and Culty

January 21, 2019

This week as we get ready to head to Kansas City for Panic Film Fest we're covering a cult in Kansas City's backyard. We're diving into The Community and their questionable connections to the International House of Pancakes... I mean, Prayer. 


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Ep. 74 Jilly Juice: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

January 14, 2019

One lady's crazy cabbage juice recipe becomes 60,000 people's cure for cancer, autism, and homosexuality. This smoothie of craziness makes for a pretty shitty cult. 

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Ep. 73 KKK 3: Chow Mein

January 7, 2019

Wowzers, we're back for the last part of our three part series on the Ku Klux Klan. Mando takes Paige and Andrea through the third Klan, David Duke, and the Alt-Right. Join us to learn how the events of the last two episodes shaped the current hostile environment of the extremist right. So join us one last time to make fun of the stupidest racists to ever wear a dumb goofy outfit! 

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Ep. 72 KKK 2: The Squeakquel

December 31, 2018

Oh, boy, Mando’s back for The Klan 2: Electric Hoodaloo! Our “white supremacy expert” guides Paige and Andrea through the absolute stupidity that is the second Klan. The first episode was learning day. But this episode? This one is everything you wanted in a podcast that makes fun of the dumbest racists who ever lived. Join us as Mando breaks down William Simmons, the second coming of the Klan, “The Birth of a Nation”, and PapaHogXxXxSwag.


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Ep. 71 KKK: A White Christmas

December 24, 2018

They were dreaming of an all white Christmas. We're talking about the Ku Klux Klan, of course. Join us as Mando takes Paige and Andrea on a wild ride through time. We cover the Civil War, the start of the first Klan, and the fall of said first Klan. Our Christmas gift to you is a stocking full of white guilt. Don't spend it all in one place!

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Ep. 70 Archie McCafferty: Pet and Love Bulldogs

December 17, 2018

Oy, mates, today we're goin' down undah to covah Archie McCafferty and his rag-tag gang of idiots. Join Mando and Andrea as Paige takes them on a dive into the life of Australia's Charles Manson. Bonus initiative for listening: Brad Leveau, Esq. finds a new friend.

Ep. 69 Voodoo: My Dearest Brad

December 10, 2018

This week we take it easy after our deep dive into Manson. And by easy we mean a horribly depressing look into slavery. Yikes. In this episode we look into the misunderstood religion of voodoo, its roots in West Africa, and some of the legends that made it what it is today. Also, Gator Justice makes its return, so you know it's gonna be a good one.

Ep. 68 Manson Pt. 4: The Funky Potato

December 3, 2018

We're back to round out our deep dive into Charles Manson and the Manson Family. This one gets real silly then real dark. Then real silly again. You know what, it's pretty much always silly. This one has it all, folks: Murder, Mayhem, DUNE-BUGGIES! It's what you've all been waiting for. The brutal bloody end.


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Ep. 67 Charles Manson Pt. 3: Everyone Forgets Ringo

November 26, 2018

This week it's our deep dive into the Music of the Beatles, the White Album, and its influence on Charles Manson, as he and the family move out of Hollywood and into Spahn Ranch.

Bonus Episode: Rap Snacks

November 23, 2018

Leftover Day keeps on giving with bonus episode 2. Cairo Thorn sent us some dope ass snacks based on rappers. We hope you enjoy us reviewing some tasty snacks and beats that Armando made to fit each rapper. Also, Aum Shinrikyo Posters are available online at

Bonus Episode: Ep. 66.6 Bonus of the Beast (feat. Keith Carey)

November 23, 2018

Happy Late-Thanksgiving and current Leftover Day! We've got two bonus episodes for ya and this one is the first. We're joined by Keith Carey in a fire madness episode with lots of riffs and insults. This one gets dark and mean, probably because it's Episode 66.6! Hope you enjoy it! Also, Aum Shinrikyo posters are available online at

Ep. 66 Charles Manson Pt. 2: Piano Van (Feat. Keith Carey)

November 19, 2018

We're back this week so Paige can dive back into the infamous Manson Family and the infamous-er Charles Manson. Who better to join us for this crazy episode than Keith Carey from Comedy Central's Roast Battle and the Mean Boys podcast?! We get all up into some of Manson's crazy antics and reveal that any sentence can be boiled down to: "Come on!"

Ep. 65 Charles Manson Pt. 1: Knife Guys Finish Slash

November 12, 2018

Holy hell! November 12th is Charles Manson and Paige's birthday but we have a special gift for you! We're kicking off our four part series on the Manson Family and their INSANE leader: Charles Manson. Paige leads Mando and Andrea through the family and early life of ol' Charlie-Boy. So, get your acid ready and the spiders out of your brain: we've got a helter-skelter of an episode for ya.

Ep. 64 The Moonies Pt 3: DO Drink the Kool-Aid

November 12, 2018

We're switching it up, everyone. This is it. Episode 64 and the end of Moon have broken us and we're just glad to no longer have to read this man's lies. Join us for the end of Moon's era and our era of Moon.

Ep. 63 The Moonies Pt 2: A Smelly Boi

November 5, 2018

Hope you're ready to join Mando on a deep dive into madness as he continues to teach the history of The Moonies/Unification Church to Paige and Andrea. This week we take it back a little and look deeper into the actual scripture and founding of the church because IT'S STUPID CRAZY. Also, Neil Armstrong totally had sex with the moon. #WakeUpSheeple.