UA-108647294-1 Ep. 121 Sherry Shriner Pt. 1 - President Susej
December 29, 2019

Ep. 121 Sherry Shriner Pt. 1 - President Susej

Back from the Holidays we're diving right into the REPTILLIAN AGENDA! It's all a conspiracy... OR IS THAT WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK?!?!? Join us as we talk about end times theology and how the internet has affected the spread of modern conspiracy thought!

Also, WE'VE GOT ANOTHER LIVE SHOW! We're returning to Panic Fest in January 2020 to debut our new live show in Kansas City, MO and we hope to see you there on Saturday the 25th at 2:45 pm. Click here for tickets or visit

Also, we have a Patreon! [Insert Air Horn Noises Here] If you'd like to donate and join our cult, please visit or visit our website and click on the Patreon tab.



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